It might be useful sometimes to release our souls outside our bodies and trap them in a cat’s body as Tom Brand did in Nine Lives to realize what we really miss in life. Tom might have glossed over his family, while we are ignoring our health on a daily basis.

Without strong bodies and healthy physique, mature death could be our fate sooner than we expected. It is pretty useful to ask ourselves sometimes: are we doing the best to protect these bodies of ours?

Is this all what they deserve, which is, in fact, what we deserve? Looking after yourself starts from your diet. As a matter of fact, everything starts with the diet.

If you are diagnosed with a certain disease, and the doctor insisted on avoiding given foods, then why would you put your life at stake and take the risk of consuming the same prohibited food? This is a way of killing yourself in slow motion.

For instance, if you have arthritis, there are certain foods to never even approach, for they might make the symptoms even worse unless you are fond of being in pain. Keep reading to know about the 9 foods that can make arthritis even worse.