3. Muscle cramps

It is important to maintain the proper potassium-sodium balance in your body because these two elements are responsible for muscle contraction.

When you eat plenty of salty foods or overuse your salt shaker, you alter your body’s potassium-sodium balance, leading to muscle cramps, tightness, and/or pain.

To avoid the terrible side effects of too much salt, you need to watch what you eat, stay away from saltshakers, and drink plenty of water.

2. Persistent headaches

Having too much sodium in your body can boost the volume of your blood, making it take up extra space in your blood vessels. The bad news is that when your blood vessels expand, you may experience hypertension (high blood pressure), which in turn leads to very bad headaches that don’t want to go away.

Persistent headaches can be maddening, making it hard to deal with normal daily life. So it’s best to avoid eating lots of salty foods or using too much salt while cooking.