5. Changes in urination

When sodium accumulates in your body, it can cause unhealthy changes in urination.

Eating too much salt makes your kidneys work harder and longer to get rid of the excess salt in your body. This might lead to kidney disease that can alter urination, making it more frequent and transparent.

What’s more, too much salt in your body can lead to dehydration, and when your body is experiencing a water loss, the urine may become less frequent, dark-colored, and thick.

4. Achy bones

This is one of the worst health risks of eating too much salt. It may be hard to grasp, but a high salt intake can damage your bones by making them less sturdy and achy.

What happens is that when you consume more regular table salt than you should, you make it hard for your kidneys to flush all the unnecessary amounts of salt out of your body, thus dangerously boosting calcium loss.

A chronic calcium deficiency can lead to the onset of osteoporosis, weaken your bones, and cause various teeth problems.