7. Swelling

Swelling associated with eating too much salt can manifest in different ways around your body, for instance, you may wake up with puffy eyes every morning, your feet may feel swollen, or you might notice that the rings on your fingers feel tighter than usual. These are all signs that you need to cut down on your salt intake.

Eating too much salt can cause your body to start retaining extra water, making certain body parts look puffy, which many people mistake for weight gain.
Keep in mind that an unhealthy salt intake must be treated ASAP by a very strict diet.

6. Excessive thirst

The sodium in salt helps keep your body’s fluids balanced. But when you eat too much salt, your body requires extra fluids to help clean your system and ensure the proper functioning of your organs and muscles.

That’s actually your body’s natural way of maintaining the water-sodium ratio balanced, and the most effective way to get everything back to the healthy state is by drinking water.

If you don’t drink enough water, your body will be obliged to extract the needed fluid out of your cells, making you dehydrated and excessively thirsty.