Girl regret eating food near subway. Portrait of displeased worried woman feeling discomfort in stomach holding hands on belly smirking and frowning looking left having stomachache or disorder.

Did you know that the average person farts at least 15 times a day? For some people, this fart count can go up to as much as 40 – and let’s be fair, that’s a lot of farting. While farting in public can be an embarrassing experience, holding in your farts is not recommended. But why? Can holding in a fart kill you? Well, not exactly, but it can lead to some health problems and generalized discomfort, which is not as unpleasant as dying, but it’s still pretty unpleasant.

So, what happens when you hold in a fart? Keep reading to find out!

1. Your body might reabsorb the gas

The first reason why holding in farts is a bad idea is that your body might reabsorb it. We know it sounds bizarre, but it kind of makes sense if you think about it. A fart is a gas that your body needs to get rid of. If you hold in a fart, the gas will be put into circulation again since your body will have no choice but to reabsorb it. As a result, it can end up escaping as a burp, for example.

2. You might experience pain and heartburn

How do you hold in your farts? The usual process would be to contract your muscles to prevent the gas from escaping, right? Well, this process can be quite harmful to you, as it will result in accumulated pressure inside your body. As a result, you might experience heartburn, pain, and even indigestion. Doing this regularly can also cause your digestive tract to become swollen, which can also be quite painful and lead to subjacent health issues.

3. It is bad for your colon health

The whole process of farting is good for your colon since it helps eliminate any built-up pressure in your body. However, holding in your farts can have the opposite effect and become a threat to your colon health. Not releasing your gas can lead to an irritated colon, and in more serious situations, it can even trigger hemorrhoids.

4. You will feel bloated all the time

Fart-related bloating is a debatable subject, and the results are inconclusive. While distension and bloating are actual complaints of people who suffer from gas retention, there is evidence that holding in your farts might make you feel bloated, even if you are not. However, the fact that you FEEL bloated doesn’t exactly mean that the level of pressure in your intestines is dangerous.

5. Your farts might be signaling serious health issues

Maybe the reason you feel compelled to hold in your farts has something to do with the fact that they smell extremely bad? Well, if that is the case for you, then maybe it’s time to see a doctor. Stinky farts can be related to digestive issues or even food intolerances. In other cases, it can indicate high levels of sulfur content inside your body. This sounds silly, but we mean it: analyze your farts. If they feel abnormal to you at any level, schedule an appointment with your doctor to see what’s going on. Bonus: How can you avoid stinky and loud farts? Now that you know why you shouldn’t hold in a fart, it’s time to learn how to control your gas so you can quietly release it whenever necessary.

These are also good tips on reducing bloating, so it’s a win/win situation. Stay away from carbonated drinks – they will only produce extra gas in your body Try to chew slowly so you swallow less air Eat smaller portions of food throughout the day Add foods like cereal, bananas, wheat, and potatoes to your diet. These foods can help prevent smelly farts Being in a situation in which you don’t feel comfortable releasing your farts can be quite annoying. Farts are a natural thing, ok? If it happens, it happens. Have you ever experienced an embarrassing situation regarding farts? Feel free to share your story with us!