5. Black beans

Beans are known for being quite rich in protein. Black beans, as one sub-type of beans, are regarded as legumes. They have got a respective intake of protein your body needs.

The way in which you might prepare a black bean-dish does not really matter, but you do need to know theses legumes are quite nutritional sources.

You will feel the change if you start having them for your bones will become tougher and your heart healthier, thanks to quercetin and saponins black beans contain.

Furthermore, black beans can also contribute to lowering your blood pressure and shielding your heart from chronic diseases. They contain about 7.62 grams of protein which is quite enough intake your body will surely benefit from.

If you are on a vegan diet, black beans are available in markets throughout the whole year. You might get them fresh, canned or packaged from the closest grocery to your home.

If you prefer them fermented in an Asian style, you can get some fermented black beans cans as well. Your body needs also fiber which beans can provide you with.

6. Chickpea pasta

Italian cuisine is always fascinating and you never get enough of it. From pizzas to pasta with different sauces, such foods are surely irresistible.

A sole pasta dish is certainly not rich of any protein, but with simple additions, you will be cooking yourself a healthy and delicious meal all rich in vitamins, fiber, and protein that your system needs to have.

Sometimes you do not have to add anything; all you need is pick a protein-based-pasta which is healthier. Instead of using semolina, there are noodles which are made of bean flour to pack your meal with the healthy nutrients.

Because of the difference in taste; you might need some time to get used to the taste of bean-flour-made pasta or chickpea pasta. They do not taste like the normal pasta you got used to.

But you can add a few tricky and tasty ingredients to your sauce, like garlic, carrots, onions and olive oil plus some spices, to enjoy a happy and healthy dinner with your family and friends.