Your bodies are like mobile phones, they need to be charged, but not through a cable, rather through foods that you eat which are supposed to be rich in vitamins of various types.

Protein is one of the main sources that keeps you on your feet. Some think that your bodies can feed on exclusively egg protein, whereas this nutrient can be gotten from different other foods.

The importance of this vitamin is embodied in its ability to build muscles, hormones, and enzymes in your system. Your need for healthy glowing skin is equally important to the one of having healthy hair.

The chemical shampoos may not be capable of giving you the result you are seeking, but protein can work miracles. Having foods rich in protein makes you feel full, as it takes time to be digested.

This does not affect in any way your blood sugar, still, you can ensure this by having a sugar level test just at home. The issue is not that you do not get protein at all, but that the right portions are not taken on time when they should be.

The truth is that you might be taking protein at dinner, but the portions are too poor at breakfast and snacks. You might think that an egg is the one and only source of protein, but this not so true.

From a 70-calorie package of eggs, your body will get about 6 grams of protein, plus the nutrients as well such as choline, lutein, and zeaxanthin, the two latter items are eye-protecting antioxidants.

Meat and fish are also rich in protein, plus some vegan and vegetarian proteins as well. But these are probably info that many among you know for sure. This article aims at introducing you to the foods that you may not think they contain protein.