Are bananas good for breakfast? Although we truly want the answer to be a simple “yes,” unfortunately, it is not!

Many of us try their best not to skip breakfast, especially while running late for work, and that’s when we decide to eat a banana or two as a quick healthy breakfast option.
Of course, bananas are easy to carry around, easy to eat, and yummy, but according to research, they are definitely not the best breakfast food.

In fact, Bananas are some of the worst easy breakfast ideas. This may come as a serious surprise, particularly for those who usually eat a banana for breakfast, but you may be interested in understanding exactly why these healthy, potassium-rich goodies are a terrible breakfast option.

According to the founder of the AlkaMind diet, Dr. Daryl Gioffre, bananas are sugar bombs and they might be the reason why your diet isn’t working.

Read ahead to find out why.