Alcohol! The source of fun nights, unforgettable memories, and bad decisions, but it is also the source of horrible hangovers, broke bank accounts, and unhealthy bodies.

If we listed the reasons why you should quit drinking alcohol, then it may take the entire day as they are endless. Perhaps you will not be able to party as hard as you always did, but you will, at least, remember everything you have done through the night, wake up with no hangover, and protect your health from many, many dangerous diseases.

Your beer belly is not the only bad thing you have developed from the years of drinking, there are other deeper issues that go hand in hand with every glass you enjoy. However, if alcohol has already become a problem in your life (or starting to), then you need to discover everything it causes to your body.

No matter what your circumstances are, you should control your desire of having a tipsy mind and discover what happens when you quit alcohol.