You have to get your superfoods—says any good doctor! During the spring season, there tend to be some really nice superfoods that, if eaten regularly, are going to give your body a boost. Of course, you should always get your needed daily share of fruits and vegetables, but when these superfoods are around, you need to eat nothing but!
For example, you can add them to your vegetable soup or eat them as grilled vegetables. Overall, they are the healthiest vegetables around springtime! Therefore, make sure that you are on the lookout for them as soon as spring assumes the dominant position among the seasons!

In this article, we are going to list for you these superfoods and enthusiastically urge you to eat as much as possible of them. They are delicious, good for your health, but can disappear quickly—so make sure that you get your share of them!

1. Morel Mushrooms

Among the healthiest vegetables out there we find morel mushrooms. These look kind of funky with their wrinkled look, but they are extremely healthy and are considered superfoods. They are known to contain the highest amount of vitamin D, which has been known to boost the immune system. Make sure, therefore, that you snatch some from the market as soon as they show up during springtime. You should add them to your vegetable soup recipe as well, they’re delicious!

2. Fiddlehead Ferns

These have the nicest shape out there, and they are a treat to your pallet! In part, they are similar to asparagus, but a little bitter to the taste. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and are excellent for people who want to boost the health of their brains! You can eat them as you would grilled vegetables, or you can add them to your mixed vegetable recipe with salt, pepper, and olive oil! These are your closest source of omega-3 after fish. This does not mean, of course, that you can discard fish altogether because you shouldn’t!

3. Cherimoya

This one is everyone’s favorite! The inside of this weird looking fruit is some of the tastiest things that you will ever taste in your life! Make sure, however, that you pick one that is green and hard because they tend to become ripe with time. It’s one of the best superfoods that you can lay your hands on during springtime, so make sure that you do so! You can prepare great smoothies for your children with it, or you can just eat it raw like that—so good, so delicious… as Trump would say!

4. Fava Beans

These are our favorite, and they should be your favorite as well! Scientists have shown that they are rich in magnesium, which has been proven to be very beneficial to the overall health of the body. They are considered among the best vegetables out there, which means they need to become a staple in your kitchen as soon as springtime comes around. They constitute about 18 percent of your daily requirement of magnesium, so make sure that you eat them regularly!

5. Sorrel

This has the shape of spinach, but the taste is different, being of a bright and lemony flavor. There are numerous ways in which you can use sorrel in your diet; frankly speaking, your imagination is the limit with regards to this matter, really. This is a superfood that is high in antioxidants, which means better overall body health. It is the type of fresh vegetables that you need to have in your kitchen around the clock!

6. Stinging Nettles

Of course, the name of these leaves is an indicator that you need to handle them with care. They are around winter and springtime, but you need to make sure that you do not get a rash from touching them. However, after you sauté them in the pan, they will not be rash inducing any more. Add them to your favorite dish, and make sure that you keep your kitchen stocked up with them. They make a great addition to a superfood salad, so make sure that you prepare one. Super green foods are the best!

7. Purslane

You will not catch many people being enthusiastic about these awesome little leaves, which are considered by many to be weeds. However, they constitute a great addition to your day-to-day salads or what have you. This is a superfood that is rich in vitamins C and A, which are known to boost the immune system. So make sure that you go to the superfood market and get your fill of some purslane. Your immune system will be very grateful!

8. Ramps

What are superfoods made of? Great things, the answer would be! Ramps are one of those great superfoods! If you have a vegetable garden, you need to start planting them; if you do not, however, then you need to start looking around in the vegetable market or the supermarket for them.

These are considered sensitive plants that are filled with vitamin A and vitamin C, as well as selenium and chromium. These are great for your immune system and can aid in the process of speeding up your metabolism. Therefore, make sure that you add this superfood to your diet! It is quite the list—a tasty list at that, for sure! There are summer vegetables and spring vegetables, and all of them can be considered superfoods in one way or another! So be certain that you go to your local market as soon as you can and get your fill with these awesome superfoods.

You also need to remember that springtime is the only time in the year in which you can get these foods, so act fast! Before you go, tell us in the comments below your favorite recipe that makes delicious use of these superfoods.