What is your favorite dish? Is it of any peculiar and particular taste? Could it be CHICKEN? Well, if it is, you need to know some of the shocking facts about it. Chickens might be cooked differently given different cultural settings.

It could be considered as a holy meal in some societies as it could be also a regular meal in many others. Usually, when we walk into restaurants, we simply order our food without questioning or even thinking about how our chicken meal was cooked or how did the ‘chief’s dealt with the poor chicken.

This is a wrong attitude for you may end up eating something which is not even a chicken. This applies to everything else. Besides, before picking anything in the menu, you got to be aware of what fits your diet and what does not to live according to a healthy lifestyle’s rules.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will realize that delicious meals, inclusive of chicken, are not as delicious as they might look. The point is all about knowing what you eat.