How do you know if you have bad breath? Have you ever asked yourself this question or tried to answer it. Well, if you haven’t, then you really should! This is something you definitely shouldn’t ignore! Just think about that moment when someone with bad breath starts talking, and it hits your soul and even slaps your face!! Now, you can understand what I’m talking about! Yuck, so disgusting, and you definitely don’t wanna smell like poop, do you? Interestingly, there are ways that can help you figure out how your breath smells and save you from the embarrassment of hitting someone’s soul with your bad breath!

Here are 7 sure ways that can show you that your breath might not be as fresh as you might think! Is it time to brush your teeth? Let’s find out!

1. How Do You Know If You Have Bad Breath? Lick Your Hand!

Sounds funny! But this trick will help you find out if your breath is as fresh as peppermint gum or as disgusting as rotten fish how can you do it? Easy peasy!! You should just lick the inside of your wrist, wait for about five to ten minutes, and then smell it but please go easy on yourself and don’t sniff it ( you don’t wanna go into a deep coma for the entire day, do you??) Back to the main topic, this method is very effective and shall give you an accurate sense of how your breath actually smells. So, if you smell a bad odor, then maybe it’s because of the sulfur coating from your tongue.

2. How Do You Know If You Have Bad Breath? Use Your Finger!

This is awkward and even worse than the previous one, LOL, but it really works and can tell you a lot about your breath! So to find out, you need to run your finger close to the base of your tongue and make sure your finger touches the back of your mouth. When you do, wait until the saliva coating your finger dries and then smell it.

If your breath slaps you in the face, then the bacteria that appear on your tonsils might be responsible for your bad breath.

3. Breathe Into A Clean Glass

How do you know if you have bad breath? Grab a clean glass and breathe inside of it. Wait, we are not yet done! Put the same glass close to your nose and then breathe in sharply. How do you feel? I hope not too dizzy loll. The smell you sense should give you an idea about your breath. Don’t wanna try this in a glass? You can equally use an odorless plastic bag and follow the same steps: breathe inside of it and then take a big sniff afterward!

4. Wipe Your Tongue With A Piece Of Gauze

Grab a piece of gauze and use it to wipe the surface of your tongue to find out how your smell senses! If the gauze looks yellow, then, it’s a sign that you have bad breath. This mostly occurs due to the high production levels of sulfide. You can also try this trick with the use of tissue instead of gauze. I hope your breath doesn’t smell rotten fish! 5. How Do You Know If You Have Bad Breath? Use A Tongue Scraper Grab a tongue scraper and scrape the back of your tongue. Now, you can take a close look and see if the coating in your tongue is white-ish. If yes, this means you have bad breath due to the accumulation of debris from food, bacteria, and dead cells.

To fight this issue, you should maintain your regular oral hygiene, including cleaning and scraping your tongue. If your tongue stays the same and the bad breath never goes, visiting your dentist is the wisest thing to do!

6. Use Dental Floss

This trick will definitely give you the answers you are looking for! To do this test, you should get odorless floss to avoid influencing the results. So an odorless floss is just perfect in this case. Use it to floss between your teeth as you would normally do during your daily routine. When you finish, take it close to your nose and 1,2,& 3 S-N- I- F-F. Yes, that’s the word sniff!

This should reveal your smell, and if it stinks, the food stuck between your teeth could be the main reason behind it!

7. Visit Your Dentist For A Special Test

It’s not always easy to say if you have or don’t have bad breath, but if you feel uncomfortable, visiting your dentist remains the best option! Your dentist can perform a halimeter test. The latter can indicate the volatile sulfur compound (VSC) levels in your mouth and thus answer your question of whether you have bad breath or not. A high level of VSC means an overgrowth of bacteria from your mouth or bowel. There is another test your dentist can make to tell your breath, and it’s known as an organoleptic test, where your dentist tests your breath through a plastic straw. Which trick are you willing to test? Have you ever struggled with bad breath? What have you done to fight it? Don’t hesitate to tell us about your experience in the comments below! See you NEXT time!