It is crucial that you be on a constant quest to boost up your immune system. And whether it is a diet or mental activities, always try to build up immunity naturally. This way, when you get sick, you will find a strong immunity system to back you up.

One of the benefits that you get when you boost your immune system naturally is giving your body more ability to heal by putting you at less risk of infection.

So when you get injured, harmful bacteria my infect your wounds and prolongs the inflammatory phase, but with a strong immune system, you can protect your body against this bacteria and help you to get rid of the inflammation that hinders your healing.


The B and T cells in the immune system should be educated on which organisms to fight and which ones to let inside your system. Also this education system leads to the graduation of soldiers that are ready to defend your body at any time.

And this makes up for your adaptive immune system. That is the reason why people who refuse to give vaccines shots to their children are just plain STUPID!!

Let me tell you why, as I said in the first entry, early exposure helps to improve the immune system, so when children, as well as adults, receive an influenza shot, it is like they are showing the body a picture of the suspect and telling it not to let this disease in, and even train it for self-defense against it.

Even without taking medication, there are many times when people get the flu and get healed just by resting in bed for a few days. However, it is always safe to ask your doctor.