Developing a healthy posture is the goal of most people who suffer from back pain or experience difficulties in the lower back, but not all can do so because they find physical exercises too difficult.

This does not necessarily have to be true, as there are very easy tricks/exercises that you can do at home or at the office to correct this bad posture, which sometimes makes you look older than you are!

How to stop a bad posture? We’re going to show you below by letting youknow the nine incredible ways to improve your posture and walk with more elegance and confidence as ever.

1. Make an X with Adhesive Tape on Your Back

It may seem strange, but putting a giant X with tape on someone’s back (from shoulders to hips) is one of the most popular and effective techniques for correcting poor body posture. Its use makes the body stop being bent forward throughout the day and serves as an alarm when you are in a position that is not favorable to your good posture.

Taping for posture correction is known in the international medical community as the “posture tape” technique. It is widely used in treating various types of back pain, especially among people who suffer from poor posture.

Even nowadays, you can find various posture correction equipment for sale on the internet – eBay, Amazon, among other e-commerce platforms. One of the most popular is the vibrating posture corrector – this equipment vibrates whenever your body is in a bad posture.

2. Put a Tennis Ball on the Back of Your Pajamas

You can also correct poor body posture while sleeping. How is it possible to do this? It’s really simple to buy a tennis ball and bake it inside the back of your pajamas. Thus, you prevent the body from being in a bad position during sleep.

The tennis ball is an extraordinary posture corrector device that sends subliminal messages to the brain, saying that the back is in an uncomfortable position. Consequently, the body moves unconsciously in search of the best posture and position to sleep.

3. Keep Your Feet Flat On the Floor While Sitting

How to improve your posture when you are sitting? There are several ways to do this, but one of the most successful – especially when you are in front of the computer, is when you place your knees at right angles and feet flat and straight on the floor.

For foot rest to be effective, you must distribute your body weight evenly across your hips and legs. Also, keep in mind that you should not lift your fingers or your heels, as this compromises the verticality of your position and, therefore, good posture.

4. Wrap a towel And Place It to Support Your Lower Back

Another extremely effective technique that you can use to correct your posture while sitting is to place a towel wrapped around your lower back. Thus, you will have a kind of lumbar support device that will help you relieve back pain and support the natural curve of your lumbar spine.

It is a simple homemade solution that is practical, economical, and can make all the difference in the well-being and comfort of your back in a sitting position.

5. Do You Like Reminders? Use a Post-It to Maintain Body Posture!

Are you one of those who use a post-it for everything because your memory is no longer what it was? Then use a post-it note to remember that you should always maintain good body posture throughout the day. Then, the body gets used to that “mental note” and always remains in good shape.

If you work in front of the computer, place the post-it next to the screen so that it is always visible when you look at this reminder. If this is not the case, you can configure your phone’s alerts to remind you of the benefits of good posture throughout the day.

And there are several such as decreased back pain, less tension in the shoulders and neck, increased energy levels, and many more

6. Take Care of Your Posture While Driving a Car

It is not only at home or in the workplace that you should take care of your good body posture. It would be best if you also did this while driving your car – and that tip was certainly given to you by your driving instructor on the first day of practical driving lessons.

You should sit correctly in the driver’s seat (with a straight position and with your back well-stretched), adjust all mirrors, and make sure you can pull out without forcing your body posture.

7. Put Your Hands in the Back Pockets of Your Jeans

It is not a matter of style, seduction, or to show the new pants to others that people put their hands in the back pockets of their jeans. They feel the need to stretch their backs due to the long time effect of bad posture, and this simple gesture provides immediate relief.

When people put their hands in their jeans’ back pockets, they immediately feel the shoulders opening and the spine straightening automatically. This is undoubtedly one of the best exercises you can do if you suffer from poor posture – and the results will be extraordinary.

8. Walk With Pride and Confidence – Be Your Superhero!

The act of taking a walk a day is one of the best activities to improve posture, as it will make you forget about the daily stress and pressure you may be constantly subjected to. On the other hand, it allows you to work your body posture correctly by coordinating your leg movements with your back and head.

Imagine that you are your own superhero (with a cape, of course) and that you walk full of pride and confidence – with your chest raised and the top of your head well-stretched towards the sky. In a flash, your back is straight, and your body posture will be perfect.

9. Walk Around While Talking On the Phone

This is another extraordinary exercise that you can do at home, or your workplace is when you talk on the phone. There are complicated and time-consuming calls that can end anyone’s nerves. However, to keep you calm and composed, do some stretches to improve your posture and walk around while talking on the phone.

Many medical experts claim that by doing this type of exercise, you can find an effective solution more quickly. This is because walking around contributes greatly to the increased blood supply to the brain, making it more active and functional.

These are the nine incredible ways to improve posture that you should put in practice from now on, and in all the tasks you perform daily. Thus, your movements will be graceful, and your walk will be more beautiful and confident than ever.