There are two types of people in this world: the ones that could go their whole lives washing their hair with nothing but soap and water, and the ones that have twenty-three different products lying around the bathroom and are never satisfied.

The truth is it’s hard to achieve perfect hair health, even with all the hair products in the world.

Why? Because real health comes from within. Sure, hair conditioner and hair serums can give your hair a shiny, healthy appearance, but the way you nurture your body has a huge influence on your hair health as well.

And if you want to know how to improve hair health from the inside out, you should be aware of the signs that it’s time to start taking hair vitamins.

Pay attention to the following topics and see if any of those issues apply to you. If the answer is yes, maybe it’s time to get some extra help from supplements.

1. Your hair keeps tangling

Having tangled hair can be quite annoying, but it can also be a cause for greater concern. You see, hair tangling happens to anyone, but constant hair tangling can be a sign of damaged cuticles.

When the outermost layers of your hair strands become damaged, they have a huge tendency to open up, which makes them more prone to entanglements. The best hair vitamins for this specific problem would be the Phillip Kingsley PK4, since they are a great addition for people who suffer from protein deficiency.

2. You are going through a stressful time

Stress and anxiety can have a huge negative impact on your mental health, but it can also affect your overall well-being and your body, which, of course, includes your hair.

Many patients tend to lose hair during stressful times in their lives, which usually occur in periods in which they are busier than usual, thus neglecting their healthy everyday habits, like eating properly or sleeping well.

As these habits stabilize, so will hair loss. But, in the meantime, a vitamin for hair loss can be the solution, along with some medical tips to release stress. Specialists recommend vitamins C and D, as well as biotin supplements.

3. If hair loss is genetic

Genetics can have a great influence on your health, and your hair is no exception. If hair loss runs in the family, there is a greater chance that you will be affected by it at some time in your life. Some important factors to take into account besides your family history of hair loss is your hormone levels and the medication you might be on.

If you think this issue might affect you sometime in your life, or if it already does, be sure to speak to your doctor to find out what you can do about it. Supplements like Qilib can be beneficial for some people, but it’s always better to talk it off with your doctor and find a treatment that suits you.

4. Your hair is too dry all of a sudden

If you are planning on taking hair vitamins, specialists advise that you pay attention to the feel of your hair and its overall texture. If your hair has become to dry all of a sudden, it might be a sign of damaged cuticles.

As the cuticles open up, they might cause not only hair loss but also a loss of shine. Dry hair can be treated using vitamins E and E.

5. Your hair is thinning at the crown

How to fix thinning hair, you ask? Well, TLC can be the solution in many cases, but there are some vitamins for hair growth, like Viviscal, that may also do the trick.

Talk to your doctor or a hair specialist to find out which will work best in your specific case. People who color their hair frequently are way more prone to hair thinning, so if you are one of those people, you should pay attention to the volume of your ponytail.

6. You notice that your hair is breaking

You don’t need to visit a hair specialist to find out if your hair is damaged when there are simple steps you can take at home. Look at the ends of your hair; are they splitting? If so, this means your hair is unhealthy. Then, you can also test your hair’s porosity by simply putting some hair strands in water.

If your hair strands sink, this means you need to moisturize your hair more often. And finally, you can also test your hair’s elasticity at home. When your hair is wet, pull it slowly and gradually.

If it stretches all the way and then shrinks back to its normal size, your hair is healthy. If it doesn’t, you need to top off your moisturizing and get some protein supplements.

Our unhealthy diets can be what causes hair breakage, but sometimes even with a diverse diet, it can be hard to obtain all the vitamins and minerals your body may need. Always try to improve your diet if you feel like you can do better, but in the meantime, you can use a biotin supplement as a quicker hair breakage treatment.

7. Your hair doesn’t grow

Forget about home remedies for hair growth and focus on the real deal. Some people have a lot of trouble with hair growth, and in their case, fixating on the length of the hair is far more important than paying attention to the individual hair strands.

Vitamins for hair growth, like Vivisval, Biotin or Qilib, can help you grow your hair faster, and they also work as a supplement to make sure that your hair will be healthy in the future.

8. You have large bald spots on your head

Bald spots can be quite alarming, and it can be a sign of alopecia, an autoimmune disease that can happen to both men and women, even though it is more common in men. Many aspects can influence patterned baldness, especially in females.

Enzymes, blockers, and hormones are just some of the many reasons behind this particular issue. If you notice large bald spots on your head, be sure to pay a visit to your doctor so you can get proper counseling.