There is no point in investing in a full skincare routine if you are just going to bed with makeup on your face. This might seem like an innocent and harmless habit, but it can cause all sorts of damage to your skin and your looks if you do it too often. It can happen to everyone after a long night out or an intense day at work, but it shouldn’t become an everyday habit. To motivate you to put that makeup remover to work at the end of each day, we wrote this article to let you know what happens when you sleep with makeup on! Are you interested to find out more?
1. You will end up with clogged pores
Makeup can save your self-esteem during these days where you are not feeling like yourself, but there is a very ugly side to it, and it has to do with your skin health. Makeup products that contain acrylics and silicones in their composition can cause blockages on your pores. Consequently, the natural oils your skin produces will be trapped inside, as well as all sorts of bacteria. Add a little bit of sweat to the mix, and you have the perfect clogged pore cocktail.
This can equally happen during the day, but the chances of ending up with clogged pores increase if you decide to sleep with makeup on. 2.It can lead to an acne breakout Clogged pores are not the final consequence of sleeping with makeup on your face. Because your pores are clogged, the chances are that you will experience subsequent skin problems, like acne breakout, for example. Your skin needs to breathe properly to be healthy, and if you don’t take off your makeup before bed, you are not giving it the break it deserves and needs.

3. It can cause premature aging

Skincare routines exist mainly to prevent skin wrinkles. Everyone wishes to preserve their youth and hold on to it, and makeup can help achieve that. However, some makeup ingredients can result in harmful chemical reactions that can speed up the aging process. Help your skin hit the reset button by cleaning your face with appropriate products at night. Maintaining healthy skin is the best way to preserve your youthful looks!

4. It might trigger eye infections

You need to be careful when using eyeshadows and mascara! Optometrists have warned us about the risk of applying makeup products that contain toxins like heavy metals or formaldehyde, for example. And sleeping with these products on your face can be extra damaging – it may lead to irritation and, in more severe situations, your eyelashes may even fall. Protect your eye health and remove your makeup at the end of the day.

5. You might end up with chapped lips

If you wear lipstick daily, you need to make an extraordinary effort to keep your lips hydrated, or there will be a higher risk that they will become chapped. Spending the night with lipstick on will give it a chance to absorb all the moisture from your lips, which can lead to severely chapped and dried lips. It is not a pleasant situation, so don’t forget to hydrate your lips and remove your makeup before bedtime.

6. You might end up with greasy hair and oily skin

Going to bed with your makeup on can cause damage to your bedding, but also your hair and skin. Even if the chances are small, your lip-gloss might end up on your hair, causing it to become tangled and greasy. And the clogging of your pores will worsen if you sweat during the night, which can lead to oily skin.

7. Your skin can become dull

If you don’t want to develop a lifeless and dull skin, then make an effort to remove your makeup every night. As you walk around with makeup during the day, toxins and pollution from the atmosphere will get stuck to your skin, causing it to look lifeless and dull. If you want your skin to look bright and healthy, allow it to breathe. Bonus: What can you do if you forgot to remove your makeup? As soon as you wake up, remove your makeup using a soothing makeup remover, preferably fragrance-free. Apply eye drops into your eyes to soothe them. Gently scrub your skin using cleansing oil and proceed with your regular skincare routine. In the 24 hours that follow, nurture your lips using an ultra-rich balm.