You might have the most beautiful, long, manicured nails, but what is the impact of superficial beauty when on the inside? Are you nails ugly and unhealthy, revealing some serious health problems?

The only way you can see what’s going on with your nails is by looking at them with no polish on, just your natural nails.

So, what do your fingernails say about your health?

Prepare your nails for an exam! You need them bare and clean, good natural light and, of course, a good-eye. So without any further ado, let’s find out what your nails reveal about you!

1. Pale Nails

It’s normal to have white looking nails at the top and bottom as long as they’re pink in the middle or have a pink tone to them.

However, pale nails who lack this pinkish tone are a sign that you might be suffering from low red blood cells or anemia.

You can tell this by your nail color but also your skin. Do you feel pale and weak? It’s a sign your iron levels are low, so eat a lot of veggies and red meat so you can boost your iron levels.

Another reason why your nails might be pale has to do with diabetes or even liver problems.

If you haven’t been feeling well, make sure you go to the doctor so you can diagnose your problem as early as possible. Meanwhile, eat food rich in fiber and avoid sugar!

2. Nails With Dark Lines

Be aware of black or dark lines on nails since it can be a sign of melanoma.
The causes are mainly sun exposure or any other UV radiation. But we also have good news for you! Having your nails painted is a great way of protection since the polish coat makes it harder or even impossible for the sun to penetrate your nails.

Just take a little break between manicures to look at your bare nails and analyze how they’re looking. If you do notice these lines, a doctor’s visit is a requirement.

3. Yellow Or Thickening Nails

Have you ever seen disgusting yellowish thick nails? They usually appear on older people, but some of them (mostly men) don’t even cut them, so not only are their nails yellow and thick but also long!

Sorry if I’m making you feel sick or disgusted, but the truth is, the reason behind yellow or thick nails is pretty disgusting too. This type of nails is a sign of fungal infection, and because they’re on your nails, it’s very hard to fight the infection with regular medication.

If you have thick nails, even if they don’t have a yellow tone to them, it’s also a sign of infection.

Now, you can have healthy nails, but there’s a big difference between strong nails and thickened nails.

You should visit your doctor or go to the nearest pharmacy to get special medical care.
If you wear a lot of cheap nail polish, the yellow in your nails might be related to that, so always wear a protective polish before a colored one.

4. Pitting And Grooving

You might be wondering what is even pitting and grooving, well, it sort of looks like depression or small cracks in your nail. It’s mostly related to psoriasis, which is an inflammatory disease that can lead to red patches all over your body.

So, if your nail shape is out of the ordinary, consider going to the doctor since the only way to find out if you have psoriasis is by diagnosing through a physical exam.
This problem can be fixed through medication, oral, or injection. Or even through therapy.

5. Brittle Or Thin Nails

Probably the most common problem: having weak nails. It mostly has to do with not maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but if your nails break consistently, I have bad news for you. Nails breaking easily are a sign of a thyroid disorder. When you have this disorder, you might also feel more hair loss than usual and, of course, thin or brittle nails that break a lot and usually take longer to grow.

A simple blood test is enough to see how your thyroid levels are. And worry not, it’s easily treated with medications. So say goodbye to your broken nails and say hello to stronger, almost unbreakable nails!

6. White Lines On Nails

A white mark or horizontal white lines across your nail is a sign of possible kidney disease, liver problems, or simply lack of specific vitamins and nutrients.
The only way to get the right answer is to visit a specialist. Usually, these white marks on nails appear in more than one nail, and often there is more than one white line in each nail. They are called Muehrcke’s lines.

You can also have white lines due to physical trauma. In that case, the answer is just time since our bodies have incredible power to heals on their own.

7. Blue Nails

Think about this! When you’re freezing or lacking oxygen, our face and body tend to get blue. Not avatar blue, but we gain a blue tone to our skin.
A blue or “bluish” nail is the same. It indicates that you are not getting enough air.
Some people have slow blood circulation, and in that case, it’s usual to have bluish nails. However, if your nails are always blue, you should seek help since it can be related to respiratory problems or a vascular disease called Raynaud’s Disease. The latter is an unusual disorder of our blood vessels.

Now that you know what your nails can reveal about your health, start paying more attention to do them, treat them with care, get a manicure and pedicure from time to time, even if you’re a man! Nowadays, there are special manicures made for men that consist of making your hands and nails hydrated and clean!

If you prefer to paint your nails at home, there are a lot of special polishes that give you beautiful, healthy nails! You might be spending more, but you’ll also be giving more to your nails, so give it a try!