The lung cleanse is a determining activity for all people, especially for those who smoke, breathe the polluted air of small or large cities, suffer from asthma, cystic fibrosis, among other chronic diseases that affect the respiratory system.

And it is not enough to run or exercise in the mountains or in the middle of nature for your lungs to be clean – despite being a huge asset, as there are natural ways for you to achieve this. What are the best natural ways to cleanse your lungs?

Here are 7 incredible techniques that will make all the difference in your life and lung health. They are fantastic value propositions that will make you feel stronger and healthier than ever.

1. Steam Therapy

Steam therapy, also known as water vapor inhalation, is an ancient technique widely used to unblock the airways and effectively release mucus in the lungs. Do you remember seeing a movie where the person puts a towel over his head and turns on the hot water tap to breathe the respective water vapors to ease the effects of a cold?

Well, this is the technique that is used to clear the airways. And the truth is that steam therapy at home produces excellent results. That way, if you feel your airways get more and more closed or if you have an underlying lung problem, keep in mind that you should use the steam therapy technique. This treatment will provide immediate relief and will help you to breathe normally and more easily.

2. Do You Want To Cough? Don’t Repress It!

The urge to cough is a natural process that the body finds to expel all the toxins trapped in the mucus, such as when you have a cold. If you feel like coughing, keep in mind that you should not suppress that urge because coughing is part of the natural lung cleanse.

There are even specific exercises that can help you clear the excess mucus in your lungs. One of the most effective is doing breathing exercises. You should sit correctly in a chair, inhale through your nose with your arms crossed over your stomach, and exhale slowly as your body leans forward. This exercise will enlarge your rib cage and clear any mucus that is left in your lungs.

3. Drain Mucus from the Lungs to Breathe Better

The best way to drain mucus from the lungs is to perform various postural drainage exercises. These exercises use gravity to remove excess mucus from the lungs and help prevent any lung infection.

These exercises can be done on your back when you are lying in bed or on the floor; on your side or your stomach. In all of them, you will train how to breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth with the help of a pillow.

It is very simple indeed, lie down in the positions mentioned, place a pillow on the respective hips or stomach and do some series of breathing movements (inhale and exhale).

4. Thoracic Percussion

Chest percussion is another extraordinary technique that can help you remove excess mucus that may be lodged in your lungs. And what does chest percussion consist of? It is an exercise performed by a health specialist – in this case, a respiratory therapist uses his cupped hand to tap a person’s chest wall rhythmically.

Thus, he will be able to dislodge and eliminate excess mucus that may be trapped in the lungs. Thoracic percussion can be combined with the performance of the various postural drainage exercises, which allows you to breathe deeply, keeping your airways clear and your lungs clean.

5. Exercise, Exercise, and Exercise

Everyone already knows that physical exercise is indispensable for the good physical and mental health of human beings since it reduces the risk of heart disease and many other health problems.

This is because physical exercise causes a greater supply of oxygen to the muscles, improving blood circulation, and making the body stronger and more effective. This is essential for anyone who wants to get rid of the excess carbon dioxide that the body produces during exercise.

Besides, it is an asset for those who have asthma or other lung diseases – hence the reason why physical exercise is considered one of the best vitamins for lung health.

6. Surrender to the Power of Green Tea

One of the best home remedies for cleansing your lungs is to surrender to the power of green tea. This natural herbal drink offers numerous benefits for human health, such as improved food digestion, weight loss, delaying cellular aging, among other green tea benefits.

However, one of the most evident is related to cleanliness and the proper functioning of the lungs. Therefore, you must drink a few cups of green tea throughout the day. You can prepare an infusion early in the morning and then fill your water bottle with green tea to drink throughout the day.

7. Insert Anti-Inflammatory Foods in Your Diet

Another natural way to cleanse your lungs efficiently is related to what you eat. You know – and better than anyone, that inflammation of the airways makes breathing difficult and makes your chest heavier and congested.

Therefore, and to reduce inflammation, you should consider introducing anti-inflammatory foods into your diet since they are the best lung cleansing foods for your body. Opt for the inclusion of foods such as saffron, beans, lentils, and blackberries, cherries, among other foods rich in antioxidants because they will regulate the body and prevent the sensation of inflammation.

Besides, you can always consider the inclusion of lung health supplements to help you deal with this problem. Your lungs will thank you later. These are the 7 incredible and natural ways to cleanse your lungs that you should adopt for yourself, and that will completely change your quality of life.

And you must follow them to the letter, especially if you are a smoker, if you live in a city with high levels of air pollution or if you suffer from a chronic illness that affects the proper functioning of your respiratory system.

Do you know any other natural techniques that can be added to this list to improve lung health? Share your techniques/ideas with us, as this type of information is worth gold and can make a difference in the lives of people who experience the same problems.