You are probably well aware of all the benefits of drinking water, and you may even know that this magical liquid can be your best friend in the pursuit of a flat tummy. Detox water has been proven to help out with weight loss while also detoxing your body and boosting your energy levels. If you have been wondering how to get a flat stomach fast, you should know that there are some ingredients you can mix into this already wonderful drink to make it more effective, and these ingredients go way beyond ginger and lemon. Staying hydrated can be delicious. Keep reading to learn how!

1. Water With Non-Iodized Salt

Doctors recommend a salt water flush to help with chronic constipation, but water with non-ionized salt is also a great solution to help you do a colon cleanse at home. However, you need to know the right ration between salt and water to achieve the desired results. If you want to keep your muscles and nerves functioning properly, sodium is the way to go. When this substance is dissolved in your blood, it can even help regulate your blood pressure levels. The recipe is quite simple: all you need to do is dissolve two teaspoons of non-iodized sea salt into 4 cups of lukewarm water. If you feel like the taste is unpleasant, you can always add a couple of lemon slices. You should drink this mix as soon as you wake up, before having breakfast, and as fast as you can.

2. Water And Garlic

Consuming garlic can bring a myriad of health benefits for you – from improving your cholesterol levels to blood detoxing and reduced blood pressure, garlic can almost be considered a superfood. By crushing, chewing, or chopping garlic, you can benefit from its sulfur compounds. However, if you don’t want to eat it just like that, you can turn it into a drink and still reap all the benefits we have mentioned before. Slice two average-sized pieces of garlic and let them sit for about ten minutes. Then, mix the sliced garlic into 500ml of water and wait two hours before you drink it. Due to its detox properties, consuming garlic-infused water can be one of the best home remedies for a flat stomach.

3. Water With Cinnamon And Apple

If you ever googled “how to get a flat stomach,” you probably noticed that cinnamon shows up in almost every single list of tips. This is because cinnamon acts as a great diuretic, and it’s also an amazing ally on the fight against diabetes and cholesterol. By drinking water infused with apple and cinnamon, you will be giving your organism a boost of vitamins C and B, while also providing some important antioxidants to your body. This altogether will stimulate your metabolism, thus helping on your weight loss journey. All you need to do is take a jug of water and mix in two sliced apples and two cinnamon sticks. Stir it and let the mix sit inside your fridge for two hours to successfully infuse the flavors.

4. Water And Cucumber

This flavored water is the perfect way to freshen up after your flat stomach workout. Slice a cucumber into little cubes and place them into an ice tray filled with water. Whenever you want to drink water, freshen it up with one of these cucumbers infused ice cubes. Cucumbers are considered a natural antioxidant, and they are super low on calories. This is a great way to replace the less than healthy soda that you have been craving while satisfying your need for a cold drink. If you want to improve your drink’s flavor, you can always add a couple of lemon slices or some mint leaves.

5. Water And Black Pepper

If you are looking for ingredients to help detox your body and support your weight loss journey, black pepper might be just what you have been looking for! Thanks to its antioxidant properties, black pepper can prevent premature aging, inflammation, and even heart disease. But when it comes to dieting, it can boost the way your body metabolizes sugar while helping reduce your levels of cholesterol. To make this happen, you will need 1 tablespoon of honey, a whole lemon, 1 tablespoon of grated ginger, and ½ a tablespoon of crushed black pepper. Mix the grated ginger and the pepper, and then add the honey and stir until you make a paste. Proceed to boil the water, and then distribute it into different glasses. Dissolve a tablespoon of the previous mix in each of the glasses and finish it off with some lemon juice. Drink this infusion while it’s still warm and get ready for your metabolism to start working.

6. Water And Rosemary

Studies performed over the years have come to discover that rosemary can have some incredible benefits when it comes to your health. From boosting your immune system to improving your memory and your digestive system, rosemary can be one of the best natural allies for your overall wellbeing. Because rosemary is packed with antioxidants, consuming this plant can help reduce your blood sugar levels, thus promoting weight loss and contributing to your goal of achieving a flat stomach. Take a 32 oz jar and fill it up with water.

Then, add a handful of fresh rosemary and sliced lemon to the water, and let the mix sit in your fridge overnight. In the morning, you can start your day with this fresh infusion. What did you think of our tips to get a flat stomach? Have you ever tried any of them? Or do you have any tips of your own? Do not forget that achieving your body goals is not going to happen overnight – while these tips can help, it’s also important that you engage in regular physical activity and that you eat healthy food consistently. Keep your mind on the prize, and do your best!