It’s time for your makeup bag to kiss those expired products goodbye!

No matter how attached you may be to your makeup products, it’s actually important to regularly get rid of products that are too old to use safely.

Among the most common questions asked about this subject, we find the following: can makeup expire? When does makeup expire? How to know that your makeup is expired? And, is it bad to use expired makeup?

Throughout this article, we’ll answer all of these and more, so make sure to keep reading until the end (this isn’t a long read btw.

7. So, why should you throw away your old makeup?

Well, because that palette or lipstick has been hanging around for years, there are huge chances that it may have been compromised by bacteria, fungi, or other nasty stuff that can cause infections, irritation, or any other skin problems.

Although we don’t really love the idea that makeup cannot live forever, its expiration dates and warnings are there for a very good reason, which is protecting your skin.

So any undesirable effects that may emerge prior to wearing expired makeup would be considered entirely your fault. Also, your makeup’s texture can change after it’s exposed to air, making it less enjoyable to apply and more disappointing over time. Exposure to different temperatures can affect the quality and purity of makeup products as well. Natural beauty products tend to expire sooner than conventional ones; this is because they are often free of harmful, chemical preservatives. This makes natural makeup much better for your skin but probably bad for your wallet. Now that we’ve covered why makeup cannot live eternally, let’s find out some of the most important signs that your makeup should better stay off your skin.

6. Your mascara or liquid eyeliner has been open for more than 3 months

You should get new mascara and liquid eyeliner exactly once every 90 days. Keep in mind that such products have liquid formulas that are very likely to develop fungi and bacteria. This means replacing them on a regular basis will guarantee safe and healthy skin. Note that using mascara, eyeliner, and similar products on your eye area is good enough reason to make you think about replacing them every 3 months to avoid infection or any other skin issues.

5. Certain makeup products have been open for +6 months

Besides eye makeup, you should also throw out other beauty products as soon as they reach 6 months since they were first opened. The most important makeup products you need to watch out for when it comes to this 6-month rule include eyeshadow compacts, bronzer and blush compacts, and powder foundation compacts. These products are predisposed to bacteria from direct contact with fingers and/or makeup brushes, which need to be washed regularly.

4. The texture of your makeup is starting to degrade or clump

When makeup products are exposed to air and/or high temperatures, their formulas can be easily altered, and the proof of this is when they start to look degraded, dried up, or clumped. These changes indicate that the product’s formula has oxidized and is likely to cause skin irritation or other issues. More importantly, remember that even though it seems genius, it’s actually a bad idea to dilute clumpy mascara with eye drops or water. This will only end up weakening the formula and ruining the pigment.

3. Your makeup has been used by someone else

Sharing makeup with someone else is a very bad idea because your makeup can become contaminated the second it comes into contact with bacteria from another person’s body. This isn’t good for both sides. Your body may react badly to foreign bacteria, making you at risk for infection (same goes for your friend). This is especially true for eye makeup products. So try to never let anyone use your makeup, and if they do, just throw it out or let them have it.

2. Oils and pigment have started to separate

As soon as you start noticing that oils and pigment in your cream or liquid formula are separating, you should kiss your makeup goodbye. High temperatures and oxidation mainly cause this separation, and it indicates that the formula went through a chemical alteration and is no longer good for your skin. If you still choose to apply a product after it is degraded chemically, you’d put skin at risk of irritation or worse.

1. Your makeup is expired

If the expiration date on your makeup is due, you should just throw it out and get a new one. Similar to most ingredients found in makeup products, preservatives (whether chemical or natural) have a limited shelf life that needs to be respected. Keep in mind that preservatives can only keep your products good for a specific time, so never ignore the expiration date, or else your skin will suffer the consequences. How to Help Your Makeup Live Longer We all want to keep using our favorite makeup products for as long as possible. Fortunately, here are some tips and tricks that can help you extend your makeup’s shelf life.

Avoid applying your makeup with your fingers. Admittedly, applying eye shadow, blush, or foundation with your fingers can often be practical. However, this method isn’t the right one if you want your makeup to live longer. You should not only avoid dipping your fingers into your makeup, but you should also keep them away from any compact powder surface and bottle opening. Instead, use a clean sponge or brush. Clean your makeup tools regularly. Cleaning your makeup brushes and sponges on a regular basis will help prevent breakouts, keep harmful bacteria at bay, and provide a smoother application. Never ever share makeup.

Although it’s not always easy, especially for those of you who love sharing, not letting others use your makeup products is the best thing to do if you want to keep your makeup for longer. Store your products properly Make sure to keep your makeup products away from hot bathrooms or drawers. Once you’re done with a certain product, just seal it and store it somewhere dry and cool. Feel free to share this article with your friends who love makeup, and don’t forget to leave a comment.