Good morning! Fancy a cup of coffee ? Yes, of course! But Wait!! Did you know that drinking coffee on an empty stomach may not be the best way to start your day? I know this is quite shocking because who doesn’t enjoy a cup of warm coffee first thing in the morning!! Getting our morning coffee fix is an absolute necessity for most of us. Besides, let’s admit it. There is literally no better alarm clock than a warm mug of our favorite brew, don’t you agree? The benefits of drinking coffee are ENDLESS!

However, doctors say that drinking coffee on an empty stomach and first thing in the morning can come with some health risks. This includes damaging your stomach lining, causing you indigestion, heartburn, and even hinder your ability to focus by increasing your anxiety levels! To benefit from your daily java fix, doctors recommend drinking it in the mid-morning or early afternoon! Dying for a cup of java? Before you drag yourself to the kitchen to make it, make sure you remember these side effects of drinking coffee on an empty stomach in mind!

1.Drinking coffee on an empty stomach may make you feel sleepier

This might sound confusing, but yes…. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach and as soon as you roll out of bed may have completely the opposite effect. So instead of increasing your wakefulness, boosting your energy, and making you feel sharp, you will find yourself feeling sleepy and tired all day. Why? Caffeine doubles stress hormone levels and may even lead to sleep issues, especially if you take your cup of java with added sugar. Look, you should know that your body can process sugar faster than caffeine, and once your body uses up the sugar, your glucose levels drop, and you end up experiencing an energy slump and tiredness.

2. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can cause you to lose essential minerals

I have no intention to freak you out or convince you to give up your morning cup of coffee! But drinking coffee on an empty stomach can literally ruin your health. Doctors say that having your regular daily dose of this java fix early in the morning can lead your body to lose essential minerals and vitamins. And that’s not everything!

Drinking coffee as soon as you wake up in the morning can also sabotage your body’s absorption of magnesium, iron, and B vitamins, which are all considered vital to the health of your nervous system. Hence always make sure to drink coffee in the mid-morning or early afternoon and drink it moderately. Too much caffeine intake can leach calcium from your bones and make them weaker and brittle.

3. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can give you an upset stomach

While this morning brew can increase your wakefulness and help you focus at work, drinking coffee on an empty stomach can increase your urge to use the bathroom. How? The coffee activates your nervous system, which in turn affects your colon and may even lead to diarrhea. So you can imagine how it feels to take frequent trips to the bathroom! And if you think you can add milk or cream to your morning cup of coffee to prevent the symptoms, you are wrong! Most of us have difficulty digesting lactose and if you can relate, expect to experience stomach discomfort.

4. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can make you gain weight

I know what you are thinking! Black coffee can help one burn fat and lose weight and not the opposite! Yes, I agree, but drinking coffee on an empty stomach can interfere with your sleep habits. You will find it hard to sleep the night and might even become a night owl. Therefore, you will sleep less and spend more time craving sweet snacks and have them in the middle of the night. And of course, I don’t need to tell you what happens next! Apart from this, some coffee beverages, like sweetened blend, come packed with sugar and calories, leading you to weight gain!

5. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can dry out your skin

Drinking coffee has benefits and health risks too. Hence, drinking it at the right time and in moderation is key to benefiting from its effect! Drinking coffee on an empty stomach, as I have mentioned above, can increase your need to go to the restroom. Hence, it dehydrates your body, and if you are dehydrated, your body fails to get rid of toxins through your skin, making it super dry and more prone to fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin-related

6. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can raise your blood sugar levels

I know it’s not easy to give up on your morning cup of joy, and I’m definitely not asking you to do so! But keep in mind that drinking coffee on an empty stomach comes with a price. For instance, your morning cup of coffee makes it hard for your cells to regulate blood sugar, leading to various diseases. That’s from one side! On the other side, high blood levels automatically mean weight gain and an increased risk of skin infections. So are you willing to bring some changes to your morning routine and delay your cup of java till mid-morning or early afternoon? Otherwise, have you ever experienced any of the symptoms mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and share with friends and family!