It is hard to believe that you might be failing at something as simple as taking a shower, but it’s true. We are not saying that there is such a thing as a correct way of bathing, but some shower-related bad habits can ruin your health. We are here to keep you from making those mistakes, and that is why we present you with a simple list of 5 things not to do in the shower. We hope this article helps you acquire some healthy shower habits!

1. You take too long in the shower

We have all experienced that feeling of not wanting to shower out of laziness, but then once we are inside the shower cabin, we don’t want to get out, right? Well, while a shower can be pretty refreshing and relaxing, it shouldn’t take you too much time. “But why,” you ask. What happens if you shower too long? Long showers can dry your skin way too much, leaving you with an itchy skin rash and some inconvenient dry skin patches.

2. You use body washes and foamy gels too often

Your skin can produce a natural oil layer that is meant to protect you. By showering, you wash away that oily layer as well. Body washes and foamy gels have many unnecessary active substances that will dry out your skin, which can cause it to feel rough to the touch. Not to mention that using these products daily can damage your skin’s natural barrier of protection. We are not saying you need to quit your favorite almond shower gel, but you surely should use it in moderation.

3. You’ve had the same sponges for bathing for a while now

Molt and bacteria would sure love a moisty bath sponge as their home, wouldn’t they? How often do you change your loofah? Because if you don’t do it every four weeks, you are doing it wrong. This is how often you should replace your shower poof, considering that you dry it every time you use it. If you don’t have the time or patience to dry your sponge every time you shower, consider using a towel or a terrycloth mitten instead.

4. You don’t care about the drying process

As we have mentioned before, whenever you shower, you wash away your skin’s natural oily barrier. So, after getting out of the shower, you should do your best to keep your skin healthy. Dry your body with a towel but leave it a little bit damp. Then apply an appropriate cream to make sure that skin is healthy, smooth, and protected.

5. You shower with extremely hot water

Most women have the habit of showering with extremely hot water. But while this can be quite comforting, either for period cramps or back pain, it can do quite some damage to your skin. Boiling water will wash away your skin fat, thus taking down your skin defense. As a result, your skin will become flaky and dry. Plus, hot water can increase blood flow, leading to inflammation, rashes and even erythema. The perfect temperature would be between 35-40°C. Do you engage in any of the aforementioned unhealthy shower habits? And now that you know how harmful they can be to your skin, do you intend to change your ways?