Summer is back, the sun and the turquoise water are inviting us to go outside, get rid of our clothes, and enjoy the beautiful weather… But with summer, the bugs also come along with it to haunt our naked skin and to feast in our blood.

In order to spend a good day hiking the woods or to be out with your friends during the evenings, you need to experience all kind of itchiness and annoyance the bugs would cause you.

It is the price you pay for wanting to have a good time, which is something we kind of started to get used to. But here is the thing; there are some stings that don’t need your care only, but they need a medical concern, too!

Now before you freak out, we have to tell you that not all bug bites are dangerous. However, there are a few that definitely need your attention, and when it comes to your health, you should always okay it safe.