You might think that everything you’re doing or have done in your 20’s 30’s and 40’s was to upgrade your life once you reached 50, but unfortunately, you can’t just relax and enjoy your retirement. Once you reach this age, you still have to work for your health, body, and mind. This is why we’re providing you with a list of some of the main health secrets every woman should know, especially those over the age of 50! So if you’re over this age or you’re just curious about what’s expecting you once you get there, keep reading to know how to care for your health during this important stage of your life.

1. Glasses Will Be Your Number One Best Friend

Unfortunately, losing your sight capabilities is part of getting older. Now more than ever, with the high use of electronic devices, even kids over the age of 5 experience sight problems. On the bright side, nowadays, reading glasses have become less expensive and way more fashionable. Some people wear glasses just because “it looks good” can you believe it? This is just to show you that wearing glasses is not just for older people. In fact, depending on your style choices, glasses can make you look younger!

2. Having Heart Diseases Is Way More Common In People Over 50

Most people think cancer is the deadliest disease, but for older women, it’s heart disease. A heart attack is more common over the age of 50. And the reason why it’s so dangerous it’s because most people don’t even notice they’re experiencing a heart attack until it’s too late. For women, a heart attack might present itself with certain symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, back pain, or shortness of breath. But in movies and tv shows, we’re used to seeing a person grabbing their chest and immediately falling to the ground, when in reality, what happens is that you experience a strange discomfort or pain in the chest area for a long time. If this happens, make sure you call 9111 asap, especially if you’re over 50, it might save your life!

3. Vitamin Intake Is Extremely Important

After menopause, iron and folate levels usually drop significantly. There’s nothing like going for a doctor’s visit for them to tell you what are the best vitamins to take for your overall health. But in the meantime, here are some of the vitamins you might need to take and why:

  • Vitamin D: Also known as the sun vitamin, vitamin D is known to be a key nutrient when it comes to keeping your bones, muscles, and teeth in their healthiest state.
  • Vitamin B12: This vitamin is found in animal food, such as meat, fish, eggs, and so on. However, once we get older, our body doesn’t absorb as many nutrients from the food we eat as it did when we were younger. This is why taking vitamin b12 supplement is in your best interests. This vitamin is essential for red blood cell production and nervous system health.
  • Calcium: known as the bone vitamin, calcium helps to keep your bones strong and sturdy. Women over 50 tend to lose bone mass due to the menopause, which makes calcium one of the most important vitamins out there.

4. Don’t Drink A Lot Of Alcohol

Even though we strongly encourage older women to go out for a drink at night with their friends or companions, they should be careful about their alcohol intake. Breast cancer and dementia are just a couple of diseases that can result from drinking a lot of alcohol. Women shouldn’t drink more than one cup per day, while men shouldn’t exceed 2 cups.

5. Pay Attention To Your Numbers

All healthy women out there have one thing in common. They’re aware of their numbers. By numbers, we mean not only weight and height but also cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure levels. Taking a simple blood test every once in a while is enough to keep you updated. Knowing what your body needs or what is lacking as soon as possible is necessary to battle it and avoid future health complications. Please keep track of these numbers and never throw away your results, it’s always important that you show your doctor how your body is progressing over the years in every doctor’s appointment.

6. Light Cardio Won’t Be Enough Anymore

Even though going for a walk or doing some yoga exercises can be beneficial for one’s mind, it doesn’t do much for your body, especially if you’re a woman over 50. Once you reach a certain age, your muscle mass tends to diminish. After all, muscles are what keeps us strong, so if they decrease, our strength will too. This is why it’s important to add some strength or resistance training to your regular daily exercise. You don’t have to lift weights on the gym. Instead, opt for hiking, swimming, or doing some aerobic exercises, these are slow but efficient ways to build some strength. Add some protein in your meals to see faster results.

7. Avoiding Joint Problems

Joint inflammation and failure are very common in older people. Osteoarthritis can be genetic, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to fight it. Doing regular workouts and stretching exercises is a super important and efficient way to battle joint problems. Besides that, stretching and yoga can be a great activity for people with anxiety disorders since it helps your body and mind relax, even if just for 20 minutes.

8. Be Aware Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Unfortunately, memory problems are most common in women. At least 60% of women are the target of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in America. There’s no magical way to avoid memory loss, but there are many programs and mental health exercises you can do to train and work on your ability to memorize and remember things. You might not believe it, but dedicating a small amount of your time every day to do such exercises will have a huge impact on your brain health.

9. Having A Healthy Diet Will Always Be Key To Battle Future Health Problems

We all know fast food and overall fatty foods are the worst for our health, but when we’re younger, we tend to get away with it. Once we age, the conversation is different. Our body can’t just bounce back up from a trip to Mcdonalds. This is why you should make an effort to consume healthy food throughout the day. Some of these foods are carrots, walnuts, salmon, eggs, low-fat foods, and a lot of fruits and veggies!

10. It Is Not The End!

Just because you’re 50, that doesn’t mean you’re closer to the end. Unfortunately, we never know when the end is coming, it’s a mystery that doesn’t pick ages. You should see this age as a new starting point. Finally, you’ll have time to relax, live off your retirement, travel, or simply dedicate your life to taking care of yourself. It’s also important that you find your passion or purpose in life to live a fulfilled life. You might be retired, but you can still volunteer, foster pets, or be an amazing grandma! We hope you enjoyed this list on how to stay healthy in your 50’s. Taking care of your health is always the main priority, but your mind is also something that you should never stop working on. While your body changes, your personality won’t. Keep your soul young and open to new things, and you’ll see how you’ll be living a much happier life.