Everyone knows that food plays a crucial role in our lives: it can be the main responsible for the good mood, as well as it can also be the culprit of numerous digestive, intestinal and neurological diseases, among other health problems.

The truth is that the food is not to blame, but you are. Because you are primarily responsible for your food choices, you may be eating foods with chemicals or ingredients that are harmful to your general well-being without realizing the seriousness of the situation.

In this sense, we have prepared a list of the 10 foods you should never eat, according to the recommendations of the main health experts.

1. Whole-Wheat Bread – Preventing Digestive and Inflammatory Diseases

Modern foods that have ingredients like grains or wheat flour (foods that contain gluten protein) are totally different from foods with grains or wheat flour that our grandparents ate. Today’s whole wheat bread is very bad for your health and can lead to numerous digestive and inflammatory diseases, such as celiac disease, functional bowel disease (irritable bowel syndrome), acid reflux, obesity, skin disorders, and many other health problems. This is because grains or wheat flour have been subjected to genetic manipulation to increase their production. And, as you should calculate, it is not possible to change the main characteristics of a plant without changing its genetics and the effects it has on the people who consume it.

Most people are unaware of this fact and, most of the time, they feel sick in the stomach, intestines, or have skin problems and do not know why. If this has happened to you, choose to eliminate grains or wheat flour from your diet or start using gluten-free products to see if you notice improvements in your general health. Keep in mind that abstinence from grains or wheat flour in the body can cause headaches, muscle fatigue, and even depression. So, be prepared for these side effects.

2. Farmed Salmon – Addition of Chemicals

Salmon is a healthy food that you should include in your diet, especially if you have heart problems. Although this fish has few saturated fats, it has a high omega-3 content, which reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, and body inflammation. It is increasingly important that you give up red meat and eat more fish. However, be careful with farmed salmon. This is usually fed with mixtures of other fish and can concentrate on carcinogenic chemicals such as pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls, and other antibiotics and toxins. Opt for wild salmon instead of farmed salmon.

3. Diet Soda – Preventing Neurological Diseases and Weight Gain

Most people like to enjoy a diet soda because it is fresh and tastes good at any time of the day or accompanying a good meal. But, the truth is that it is a processed sugar drink that has the ability to cause numerous negative consequences in the body. This drink consists of artificial sweeteners such as sucralose, aspartame, among other sugars. These chemical compounds, after being metabolized in the body, can cause you many health problems, such as weight gain, the appearance of neurological diseases, digestive and intestinal diseases, cancers, and many other health problems. Avoid soft drinks and drinks with artificial sweeteners as much as possible and replace them with natural drinks based on fruits or vegetables.

4. Chicken Wings – Preventing Weight Gain

Just talking about chicken wings makes you want to eat a few, right? We believe so, but this must be avoided at all costs. Chicken wings are an unhealthy food for your body, as they are fried and add too many calories and extra fats to your diet. You can easily eat about 500 to 1000 extra calories a day when eating chicken wings, which represents an increase of approximately 2 pounds per week to your current weight. Opt for healthier solutions like roasts or grills.

5. Canned Tomatoes – Addition of Synthetic Estrogens

Canned tomatoes use resin-coated cans, and that is an undeniable fact. Usually, this type of coating contains bisphenol-A (BPA), and this is a synthetic estrogen that is increasingly associated with heart disease and reproductive difficulties, among other health problems. Always opt for natural tomatoes to complete your dishes or be careful to select tomatoes in glass bottles in order to avoid the resin coatings that are in the cans.

6. Instant Noodles – Preventing Excessive Food Cravings

The instant noodles are often used in food, especially when you have no desire to cook, right? It is cheap, tasty and easy to prepare. However, instant noodles are bad for your health and should not be part of your diet plan. Why should you not eat instant noodles? Because it contains Monosodium glutamate (MSG) and this compound can trigger excessive cravings for food, but also extremely painful migraines. Don’t make it easy and make your own pasta recipe using natural ingredients.

7. Coffee Creamer – Addition of Artificial Flavors

Coffee is a drink with numerous benefits for human health, and, as such, it should be on the list of people who follow a healthy diet. However, the creams that people like to add to this drink are totally expendable. This is because coffee creamers use ingredients such as corn syrup, hydrogenated inflammatory oils, among others, and these contain artificial flavors with a high fructose content that are harmful to the liver and other internal organs of the human body. It is advisable to always drink your black coffee. However, if you want to add a coffee creamer, opt for organic milk or unsweetened organic coconut milk, sweeteners, or food additives.

8. Grape Jelly – Addition of Sugars

Grape jelly is made up of the famous Concord grapes, and these are simply delicious. However, in addition to grapes, grape jelly carries “kilos and kilos of sugar” artificial colors and flavors, which turns out to be a danger for those who have high blood glucose levels, as is the case with diabetics. In this situation, it is more appropriate to use organic jellies (those that use fruits grown without the use of chemical pesticides) and with low sugar content so that you can still enjoy a good jelly without it being harmful to your health.

9. Butter-Flavored Popcorn – Addition of Chemicals

Who doesn’t like to go to the cinema and enjoy a good movie with a huge bucket of popcorn? Even you who are reading this article would like to eat some popcorn, wouldn’t you? Watching the movie and reading this article would be much more pleasant, but the truth is that butter flavoring for popcorn is not beneficial for your health. It is a false aroma of butter that is composed of diacetyl, and this is a chemical that can cause lung diseases. It is preferable to use real butter in the preparation of your popcorn. So you can continue to watch your favorite movies and articles with a good bucket of popcorn.

10. Gummy Vitamins – Preventing Digestive Diseases and Weight Gain

Gummy vitamins are the bane of the little ones, but also the bigger ones. Everyone likes to enjoy a good treat, and gums are the most sought after and appreciated.

However, they are rich in sugars, artificial colors and may contain gluten and other ingredients harmful to human health. These ingredients contribute a lot to a considerable increase in weight due to the high sugar content that they present and increase the chances of you getting digestive and inflammatory diseases in the intestine that put your well-being and your quality of life in question. Don’t let that happen and prefer liquid multivitamins, for example.

These are the 10 foods that health experts say you should never eat because they are quite harmful to your health. Avoid them as much as possible, as well as all types of junk food, as this is the only way you will have a higher quality of life.