If you happen to have a baby in the house, then some baby proofing is essential. At a young age, babies are very likely to put themselves at many risks around the house.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure that you prepare a baby proofing checklist that will help you baby-proof cabinets, the fireplace, and drawers.

In this article, we are going to help you figure out how you might go about this project and remind you about the things that you should not forget while you are baby-proofing your house—that is how to be a good parent, among other things, of course!

It is not just about buying baby-safe detergent or ensuring safe sleep for babies (though that is very important!); it is about adopting a more systematic approach to ensuring that your baby is safe in your house.

1. Start Early

With baby proofing, you need to make sure that you start as early as possible. The best starting time would be before the baby even arrives or as soon as they arrive.

This way, the baby will grow in a house that has a baby proof fireplace, baby proof drawers, and awesome baby proof cabinets. Therefore, make sure that you allocate the budget and the time to make your house as baby-proofed as it can be the safety of your baby is very important; do something about it!

2. Tie It Down

One of the best techniques to make sure that your house is baby proof for when the baby finally grows and starts roaming the house is to tie everything that could fall with straps.

Therefore, in addition to buying a baby proof sliding door and having baby proof kitchen cabinets, you must take some furniture straps and start tying and securing things such as the TV, your bookshelves, your dressers, etc. Keep an eye out for anything that might put our baby at risk.

3. Potty Precautions

Since you have a curious child, they are bound to be curious about the toilet and other places in the house that might not be that safe for them. Make sure that you factor this into your baby proofing checklist.

We salute you for the baby proof refrigerator and the child-proof outlet covers. Still, you need to buy a lid lock for the toilet lid and clean the toilet regularly to ensure that everything is germ-free.

4. Control the Cords

Cords are another element that you need to include in your baby proofing house checklist because cords can be very dangerous for children: they could (1) wrap around their necks and (2) electrocute them if they were exposed.

Therefore, along with installing child-proof outlet covers, use cord holders to keep all the cords that you have in your house securely held against the wall, thereby minimizing the chance of anything bad happening to your child because of them.

5. Give Baby a Safe Night’s Sleep

Babies tend to sleep for very long periods, which means that nothing should happen to then during that time and that they should remain undisturbed and very safe. Safe sleep for babies should be the number one priority.

To ensure that is to have a crib that makes use of fixed rails and whatever you do, do not use a crib with a drop-side rail, they are very dangerous to children.

Therefore, in addition to having baby proof lamps in your baby’s room, make sure that you add securing the crib to your baby proofing house checklist.

6. Manage Your Medication

Every household is bound to have some medication in it, and if your home has both babies and medication, then you should make sure that that medicine stays as far away from your baby as possible.

Therefore, take that baby proof house list and note down the fact that you need to store your medication in a high place, and that is out of reach from the baby. This is how to baby proof your house—the successful way!

7. Blind Danger

The blind cords are also a hazard to keep around hanging in the house without doing anything about it. Therefore, tackling them is necessary to be put on that baby proof house list. One approach is to take them and wrap them high and out of the reach of the baby or the growing child.

Moreover, you should make sure that you keep the crib of your baby or the bed of your child as far as possible from the blind cords. Every baby proofing service will tell you as much!

8. Prevent Shocks

Outlets are all over the house, which means that your child could get into danger because of their curiosity. So, t is essential to have a solution in place, and you should include it in your baby proofing checklist.

One such solution is to invest some money into child-proof outlet covers and use them to cover all the outlets that you have in your house. This way, you ensure that your child remains safe and does not go into any trouble related to electricity.

9. Lock It Up

Every household is filled with chemicals, which means that you need to keep them away from children and babies at all times. That is to say, you need to keep them locked at all times.

You can either hire a baby-proofing company to do this job for you or look into how to child-proof lever door handles to make sure that the doors that lead to those chemicals are locked and secure.

10. Safety in the Car

The last item on this list is bound to talk about safety in the car. Always make sure that you buy a baby car seat and never rent baby car seats—you should always be aware of the history of the car seat, and there is no way to ensure that than by buying your own.

Also, we need to stress the fact that you need to buy a brand-new car seat and not a second-hand one which could be faulty and dangerous.

Your baby is the most precious thing that you have in the world, and you need to make sure that he or she is safe at all times. So make sure that you do the house baby proofing yourself or hire baby proofing house services and have them do it for you.

Before you go, share with us in the comments below whether you have a baby boy or a baby girl!